Jillian True – Biology

Jillian True

Department: Biology



I’m Jillian True, and I’m a 4th year PhD candidate in the Genome, Cell, and Developmental Biology program.   I received my B.A. in Biology/Chemistry at New College of Florida.  Prior to my scientific career, my high school senior class deemed me “Most Likely to Be President”.  Taking this title a little too seriously, I have continued to be involved in public service.  As the Biology Department representative at GPSG, I am responsible for voicing the concerns of biology graduate students and working towards solutions that improve the quality of their lives.  While serving on the Benefits Committee, I helped draft resolutions to make carpool parking permits available, extend fee deadlines, offer spouse IDs, and ensure campus bus lines stay open during the summer. My goal is to provide the resources graduate students need to have a healthy, happy, and productive experience at IU.

-Jillian True