Siddharth Jain – Computer Science

Siddharth Jain

Computer Science Department, School of Informatics and Computing



Hello Hoosiers,

My name is Siddharth Jain. I did my Bachelor of Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, India and am currently pursuing MS in Computer Science at School of Informatics and Computing. I have close to five years of experience engineering software for Banking and Financial Services, Social Networking, E-Commerce, E-Governance, Media and HIPAA Compliance domains, with my most recent stint with IBM Watson. Living across 13 cities, nine states and two countries; being a cultural exchange student, has given me the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds, which has, in turn, helped me get closer to the human fabric and understand people in a better way. I hope to use this skill to understand and represent the needs of the diverse graduate student community. I serve the Sustainability Committee of IU’s GPSG to work on sustainability-related issues concerning or effecting graduate students and the community on campus. Currently, I am working towards making IU commit to a climate action plan. I look forward to working constructively with the IU community and with that hope to take IU to new heights!

-Siddharth Jain