Jeffrey Gerber – Astronomy

Jeffrey Gerber




My name is Jeffrey Gerber. I’m a third-year astronomy graduate student from North Carolina. I came to IU after earning my bachelor’s degree in Physics from Appalachian State University, where I studied star clusters and stellar evolution by observing large clusters of stars in the Milky Way called Globular Clusters. My research at IU still focuses on Globular Clusters and makes use of a telescope that IU has shared ownership of at Kitt Peak, AZ. I am also teaching an introductory astronomy course this semester. As a member of GPSG, I serve as the sole representative for the Astronomy Department from the School of Arts and Sciences. I hope to provide a voice for our small department and ensure that the graduate program continues to keep its smaller departments in mind when making important policy decisions. As a first time GPSG representative, I look forward to my role in helping to improve IU policy to better support the lives of graduate and professional students.