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Sadie Dillon

Maurer School of Law


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My Fellow Hoosiers! My name is Sadie Dillon, and I am a 1L at Maurer School of Law. I graduated from Indiana University – Bloomington in May 2016. I obtained a bachelors in Public and Nonprofit Management and two minors in business and human resource management. I am very passionate about the democratic process, and I believe that the GPSG allows me to pursue that passion while making major decisions that impact my fellow graduate students and me. Since I have attended IU as both an undergraduate and graduate student, I have seen the disparities between the two. The graduate students deserve to have a voice on campus, just as the undergraduate students do. I hope to help the graduate students come together to form a supportive environment. I enjoy getting to know people from diverse backgrounds, and I look forward to improving the graduate program at IU. As a member of the GPSG, I serve on the Health & Wellness Committee.

-Sadie Dillion