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Alexander Mirowski

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My name is Alexander Mirowski, and I am from North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I am a third year doctoral student at the School of Informatics and Computing, in the Computing Culture and Society group. In the STS tradition, I study infrastructure, and specifically that of games; I am interested in particular in game communities, the governance structures in which they are situated, and games as platforms for cultural, economic, and political activity. I am the founder of inGame, the Informatics Game Research Group, whose mission is to connect those interested in examining the vibrant world of games with likeminded individuals and to contribute to the increasing legitimacy of games as an area of substantive academic study. I also completed my previous studies here at IU – in political science and computer science – and was involved in student government for the entirety of my undergraduate career. My main focus then was advocacy for diversity and inclusion; I headed a successful initiative to provide gender neutral housing options for students living on campus. I now serve on the benefits committee here at the GPSG and am looking forward to future opportunities to improve the quality of life of students at Indiana University.

-Alexander Mirowski