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Jordan Tucker

School of Public and Environmental Affairs



My name is Jordan Tucker, I am a 1st-year student at SPEA. I completed my Bachelor in Science degree in Psychology at The University of Texas at Dallas. I have held leadership positions through work and clubs over the years that will help me advocate on behalf of graduate students. I led our Student Leadership Council at the Department of Recreational Sports at UTD, I am currently serving as the 1st-year Master of Public Affairs representative in the Graduate Student Association in SPEA, and I am the chair of the logistics planning committee for the Wider World Conference put on by SPEA. In these roles I had the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals to make their needs known to faculty and staff. In GPSG I am working with the benefits committee to investigate assistant instructor agreements across schools to determine where the differences are and how they can be improved for the benefit of all graduate students. I am also investigating the course change fees assessed by the bursar to discover why the fees exist because they do not at many universities. I am looking forward to representing graduate students at IU and hope to improve graduate student life here.

-Jordan Tucker