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The GPSG Sustainability Committee and its members focus their attentions on sustainability-related issues concerning or effecting graduate students and the community on campus.

  • The committee is open to anyone who is a representative, or any graduate or professional student that is passionate about sustainability in our world.
  • Committee members advance ideas generated by themselves, other GPSG representatives, or other graduate and professional students at IUB. Members advance these causes by developing programming and advocacy activities for graduate students, drafting and presenting resolutions to the GPSG General Assembly, working with campus administrators and student-led sustainability groups, and by serving as GPSG representatives on several working groups and boards.
  • The Sustainability Committee meets twice per month, once during GPSG General Assembly and once between assemblies. The typical time commitment is between 3-5 hours per month.

Sustainability Resources

  • IU Office of Sustainability (the central location for sustainability at IU Bloomington)
  • IU Student Sustainability Council (hub for all sustainability campus groups, meets monthly)
  • City of Bloomington (recycle, green your home, find more info from the community)
  • Campus student organizations (some might have only a Facebook presence)
    • Energy Leaders Student Association, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Association at SPEA (SPEA also hosts a lot of courses and events)
    • Environmental Law Society
    • Net Impact
    • Oxfam Club
    • Real Food Challenge
    • Reinvest IU
    • Veg IU
    • Trockman Microfinance Initiative

Learn more about the initiatives and policies brought forth by the Sustainability committee by visiting our resolution page. 

 Current Sustainability Committee

  • GPSG Sustainability Officer: Kaitlin Doucette