Spring 2015 Conference Grant Application OPEN

Apply here for a Spring 2015 Conference Grant!

Deadline: Wednesday, April 15th by 11:59PM

The GPSO is pleased to offer the IU Bloomington academic community conference support for local events benefiting graduate and professional students on campus. The award amount per event is based on need (maximum of $250). The GPSO anticipates awarding a total of $1,000 in Fall Awards and $1,000 in Spring Awards. The purpose of this service is to provide academic support and professional development for graduate and professional students on the IUB campus.

GPSO Conference Funding is awarded once per semester with funds distributed near the end of the term.  These funds are sent directly to IUB accounts and may be used for funding in advance of your event or to reimburse events during the award semester. We encourage all IUB academic departments to consider applying for this award when planning their next graduate-student oriented academic conference.

The GPSO expects that these funds be used in an appropriate manner and help to offset the incurred costs of academic conferences (i.e. printing, publicity, honorariums). To that end, we trust that recipients will avoid using their granted funds for non-academic, extraneous costs such as hospitality charges including alcohol and catering.

Please note that Conference Grants support hosting conferences at IU-B.  To attend a conference, you should apply for a Travel Award.