September 24, 2020: Jordan Statement


The Graduate and Professional Student Government commends President McRobbie’s recommendation to remove David Starr Jordan’s name from Jordan Hall, Jordan River, Jordan Avenue, and the Jordan Parking Garage. Furthermore, we would like to extend our gratitude to the members of the Jordan Committee for engaging in a thorough, yet expedient, review of both Jordan’s history and the impact that his legacy has had and continues to have on IU Bloomington students, faculty, and staff. In highlighting Jordan’s history as a “vocal advocate for white supremacy” who was a “vociferous and avowed eugenicist” the Committee rightly concluded that Jordan no longer deserves to be honored at IU Bloomington’s campus.[1] Recognizing the harm caused by these symbols on our campus is just a first step, and we look forward to the University moving past the racist and sexist legacy of Jordan and embracing a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion across campus.

As the University Renaming Committee will now take up the mantle to consider a new name for Jordan Avenue, as well as the other Jordan-affiliated locations, we call on the Committee to take advantage of this opportunity to rename these locations after one of our many renowned IUB graduates of color,  graduates identifying as LGBTQIA+,  and/or graduates committed to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in their respective fields.

[1] View the Committee’s full report here.