New to technology at IU?
Setting up your email account, plus an overview of IU’s technology and printing services.

IU Student Tech Tips (PDF)


Major online systems at IU

    Access to your confidential student information, including your class schedule, transcript, and bursar statement. It’s also a way to access pretty much everything computer-related on campus.. your email, events, a personal calendar and classified ads from across IU.
  • IU Email Setup Options Accounts
  • IU Canvas
    Use your IU user id and passphrase to log in. Each class you register for will have a Canvas component online. Not all professors will use this, but those that do upload course information, assignments and grades. It’s also a way to keep in contact with your professors and fellow classmates.
  • UITS Training and Workshops
    Classes and online help to familiarize yourself with Microsoft programs, web development and operating systems. Free or low cost. In particular, check out the STEPS workshops.
  • UITS Technology Services and Support
    Among other resources, go here to download IU software, make educational computer and software purchases or find out about IU’s technology policies.

Printing for Graduate Students