Assembly Representative Responsibilities

GPSG Assembly Representative Responsibilities

Our student government gets 100% of its strength our active and engaged student body. GPSG serves nearly 10,000 graduate and professional students by providing academic support, community, advocacy, and graduate resources.

Assembly Representative: The GPSG Assembly represents the entire Indiana University Bloomington graduate student population. The number of voting seats given to each department or program is determined by the level of enrollment during a bi-annual audit. Each department or program chooses how to elect or appoint their own GPSG representative(s).

Duties and Powers of Representatives.

Part 1: Representatives are expected to perform the following duties:

  • represent the interests of their constituents in all matters before the Assembly;
  • inform the graduate or professional students in their departments of the issues and events important to the GPSG and its members;
  • attend all monthly meetings or send a proxy;
  • serve as members of a standing or ad hoc committee and participate in the activities therein.

Part 2: Representatives have the following powers:

  • propose agenda items for debate before the entire Assembly;
  • discuss proposals and issues before the Assembly; however, only voting members may actually vote on motions before the Assembly
  • be active in one of the five committees listed below

Time Commitment to GPSG Assembly Representatives: A GPSG Representative should expect to commit about 4-6 hours a month, which includes one assembly meeting and campus committee meeting outside of assembly each month. However, different committees meetings outside of assembly may vary. Below is some information about the fall 2016 assembly dates and a brief information of the GPSG campus committees.

Fall 2016 Assembly Dates:
November 4th, 3:30-5pm, Hodge Hall 2083
December 2nd, 3:30-5pm, Hodge Hall 2083


Campus Committee descriptions:

Awards Committee

  • Members of the Awards Committee are responsible for reviewing applications for the GPSG Travel and Research Awards.

Benefits Committee

  • The Benefits Committee works closely with our Benefits Officer to craft legislation regarding student health insurance and benefits for both mandatory and voluntary plans.

Diversity Committee

  • The Diversity Committee works closely with our GPSG Diversity Officer to craft legislation and support diversity initiatives and organizations on the IU campus.

Student Health and Wellness Committee

  • The Health and Wellness Committee will work closely with our Vice President to craft resolutions advocating for the improved awareness of student health issues and concerns on our campus.

Sustainability Committee

  • The Sustainability Committee and its members focus their attentions on environmental sustainability-related issues concerning or effecting graduate students on campus.