Molly A. Riddle – School of Education

Molly A. Riddle

School of Education, Curriculum and Instruction PhD


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Molly Riddle was born and raised in New Albany, Indiana. After attaining her Master’s Degree in Education, Molly continued her educational pursuits and acquired thirty additional graduate level credits.  She is a second-year doctoral student in the Curriculum and Instruction department, minoring in Teacher Education.  Prior to attending IU, Molly spent eleven years serving as a k-12 educator. Throughout these years, Molly was committed to mentoring, coaching, and advocating for preservice and inservice educators. Her desire is to increase her impact as an educator and pursue her goal as a life-long learner and leader by immersing herself in as many facets of the education community while staying focused on the professional growth of future educators. Through academic learning and educational work experiences, Molly has created a strong foundation as an educator and leader. Her passion as an educator has been to forge powerful places of learning while creating constructive contributions as an educational leader. As a member of IU’s GPSG, she is honored to serve on the Benefits Committee, which seeks to explore, analyze, and critique benefits offered to IU graduates and professionals. Molly is a dedicated advocate for benefits-related policies for IUs graduate and professional community.