Latosha Williams – Diversity Council

Latosha Williams

IU GPSG Diversity Council



Latosha (Tosha) Williams is a Diversity Council Representative and is committed to helping GPSG actualize it’s expressed commitment to diversity and inclusion as articulated in excerpts of the GPSG mission and website:

  • represent all members of the IU community
  • address matters regarding professional and social climatelife and well-being of graduate and professional students;
  • and advocate for an “inclusive and empowered graduate student community” .  

Tosha is studying Higher Education and is currently a Project Associate with IU’s Center for Postsecondary Research.  Tosha’s research interest includes the experiences of underrepresented students in the college environment, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Latosha’s professional experience includes 10 years of making an impact on college campuses through several diversity and social justice initiatives.   Some of the initiatives Tosha has led include:

  • Advising the Multicultural Leaders Collaborative (MLC), a group of student leaders from various multicultural student organizations that convened monthly to represent voice of underrepresented students to Chancellor and Provost
  • Collaborating with Admissions office to co-facilitate a college access camp for Native American high school students
  • Awarded a professional association grant for “Best Practices Programming” to support LGBT students on college campuses 

If you want to read more boring stuff about Tosha click here for her receipts 😉

Tosha’s inspiration for serving as a Diversity Council Representative is a quote by Lilla Watson: “If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time; but if you are here because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together”.  Lastly Tosha feels that this modified version of her twitter bio is a pretty accurate snapshot of who she is: @lmwilli57–Tosha \TAH-shuh\: a) an #IUHESA Ph.D student, scholar-practitioner-activist, HBCU-lover, INTP w/ extrovert tendencies b) equal parts thinker and goofball c) a complicated melody, a revolutionary act, a beautiful soul