IU Sustainability Fund: Don’t forget to check the box!

“The Sustainability Fund is a student-driven and student-run fund created to facilitate positive, sustainable change on IU Bloomington’s campus.  Our projects aim to further the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental, while creating a direct, measurable, and lasting impact on the students and the campus community.

Each semester when you register for classes, you can make these projects reality by checking the box for the Sustainability Fund and donating $5.  Don’t worry, even if you didn’t check it when registering, it’s not too late!  Go to Onestart > Student Self-Service > Financial > View/edit Optional Services.”

– Adapted from the IU Student Sustainability Council website

The GPSO was instrumental in the development of both the Student Sustainability Fund and the Student Sustainability Council (SSC).  To date, we hold two active seats on the SSC while also maintaining our own a standing committee to continually address relevant issues facing graduate students and the university.

For more information, please contact our Sustainability Officer at gpsosus@indiana.edu.