GPSO Travel Award Winners

After review of over 140 highly competitive applications for the spring GPSO Travel Awards, we are excited to offer funding for the following graduate and professional students.  Congratulations!

  • Arian Ashourvan, Neuroscience/Optometry
  • Alexis Barton, Psychological and Brain Sciences/Statistics
  • Wesley Beaulieu, Biology/Statistics
  • Owen Boberg, Astronomy
  • Meghan Buchanan, Anthropology
  • Rebecca Caldwell, Geological Sciences
  • Danielle Daidone, Second Language Studies/Spanish and Portuguese
  • Julie Eyink, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • David Massey, Geography
  • William McConnell, Sociology/Statistics
  • Margaret Messerschmidt, Environmental Science/Public Affairs
  • Lisa Miller, Sociology
  • Jaehan Park, Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
  • Dana Prewitt, Sociology
  • Tai Rogers, Ceramics
  • Kelly Roudabush, Early Music Institute
  • Landon Schnabel, Sociology
  • Oliver Shao, Ethnomusicology/Anthropology
  • Krista Wilhelmson, Music Performance (Voice)


Stay tuned to our Travel Awards page for the fall application and timeline!