February Resolution

Last week, GPSO Assembly members passed a resolution urging Indiana University to identify and approve funding for a Campus Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) by the end of the month and initiate the request-for-proposal process no later than April 21.  GPSO encourages the university to pursue these initiatives in a way that prioritizes existing funds and minimizes the impact on IU students, faculty and staff.

Additionally, the resolution suggests specific campus improvements, such as an extension of the 7th Street bicycle lane between Woodlawn Avenue and Jordan Avenue, construction of a bicycle/pedestrian path on the north side of the IU Auditorium, and a signed bicycle route through the campus arboretum.  The adoption of a campus BMP could increase IU’s advancement beyond the League of American Bicyclists’ “bronze” ranking for Bicycle Friendly Universities and would correspond with a higher quality of life and degree of safety for users of all forms of transportation on the IU campus.

For more information, a full copy of the resolution is available on the GPSO Resolutions homepage.