External Committees IU

The Graduate and Professional Student Goverment is looking for graduate students to sit on external Indiana University committees. These Committees have been created by the Bloomington Faculty Council. Committees are comprised of both elected BFC members and volunteer members from among the faculty, students, and staff. If you choose to sit on a committee, you would be required to attend GPSG Assembly meetings once a month and serve as a liaison between the respective committee and the GPSG.

If interested, please contact the Blake Foreland, the GPSG Vice President at vpotgpsg@indiana.edu and CC iugpsg@indiana.edu.

  • BFC-Budgetary Affairs Committee (1)
  • BFC-Student Academic Appointee Affairs Committee (3)
  • BFC-Student Affairs Committee (1)
  • Review com: Vice Provost Enrollment Management (1)
  • Review com. dean of the School of Optometry (1)
  • Student Legal Services Advisory Board (2)
  • Student Sustainability Council (2)
  • Student Welfare Compliance Committee (1)
  • Transportation Policy Advisory Committee (1)
  • Union Board Search and Screen Committee (1)
  • University Faculty Council (1)
  • Work-Life Balance Committee (1)

Learn more about BFC External Committees here:


Some of the committees above may not be listed on the website.