Want to serve on the Diversity Committee or apply for the Diversity Council? Email gpsgdiv@indiana.edu

Diversity Committee 

  • The Diversity Committee works closely with our GPSG Diversity Officer to craft legislation and support diversity initiatives and organizations on the IU campus. The Diversity Committee is made up of non-voting committee representatives and five Diversity Council voting members.

Current Diversity Chair

  • GPSG Diversity Officer: Zayra Lopez Ixta

Diversity Council 

  • The Diversity Council is chosen through a competitive application process. In addition to their role on the Diversity Committee, the Diversity Council will also serve as the graduate representatives on the Inclusive Excellence Student Advisory Committee, which will work with the Office of the Provost to help address issues of involving diversity and inclusion here at IU. Additionally, the diversity council seeks to propose legislation and initiatives to improve the inclusivity and multiculturalism of graduate student life by speaking on behalf of traditionally underrepresented students and organizations along with the GPSG Diversity Committee. To aid this process, the Diversity Council will gather data, make recommendations for change, give input for the university’s Inclusive Excellence Plan, and serve as a bridge of communication between students and the university.

Current Projects: 

2021 Diversity Dialogues

Current Diversity Council

  • Starting fall 2017, the Diversity Council will include eight members.
Past Diversity Committee Members