Call for Applications: Emissaries for Graduate Student Diversity Program

Call for Applications

Emissaries for Graduate Student Diversity Program


Basic Information

  • Duration:  Fall 2014; Spring 2015; and, Summer 2015 (optional)
  • Position Open to:  all full-time IUB masters and PhD students
  • Hours per month:    less than three hours
  • Sponsor Department:  University Graduate School
  • Number of positions:  Twenty
  • Application Deadline:  Thursday, April 3, 2014
  • Interview Dates:  April 7 – 14, 2014
  • Website:

Program Description:

Purpose:  The Emissaries for Graduate Student Diversity are a small group of dedicated, energetic and positive graduate students with diverse backgrounds, degree plans, interests and extracurricular activities. They demonstrate student leadership and excellence as liaisons between diverse graduate students and Indiana University Bloomington.

The Emissaries for Graduate Student Diversity program will expand in 2014-15 into two separate emissary groups focusing on (1) recruitment and outreach; and, (2) retention and  community building.  The goal of the emissary program is to add a peer-component to the University Graduate School’s efforts for creating a positive climate for graduate students, particularly minority and underrepresented graduate students at IU Bloomington.

Recruitment and Outreach Emissaries serve as initial peer contacts for pre-application students.  Trained emissaries will provide suggestions for identifying an appropriate graduate program, specifically information that increases awareness of graduate study at Indiana University, explain graduate school funding and answer non-academic questions about graduate student life at IUB, Bloomington and other recruitment related questions to prospective graduate student applicants. Recruitment emissaries will also work and engage in dialogue with graduate programs, academic departments, Graduate and Professional Student Organization (GPSO) and the University Graduate School.

Each fall, graduate student recruitment emissaries collaborate with the GPSO to welcome new graduate and professional students at the fall “Get Oriented” event.  They participate in information sessions, student panels, webinars and personal recruitment activities. Graduate student emissaries will complete monthly blogs, attend monthly meetings each semester with other graduate student emissaries. Graduate student emissaries also provide personalized campus tours, upon request.  Meetings will be held with University Graduate School staff, and others interested in graduate recruitment activities.

Retention and Community Building Emissaries serve as resources for underrepresented and minority students who are just beginning their graduate program at IU Bloomington.  Trained emissaries will help build graduate student community, create networking support and serve as referrals to campus resources and providers.  Community building emissaries will also collaborate and engage in dialogue with the University Graduate School.

Community building emissaries are encouraged to be available in multiple ways by email phone and emissary program events.  Underrepresented and minority students will be encouraged to approach community building emissaries with transition and adjusting to graduate school issues.  There may be occasions when an issue or problem arises that community building emissaries are not equipped to deal with, on such occasions, emissaries should discuss options with the student for additional advice.

Budget:  $750 is allocated for each emissary to conduct recruitment and outreach activities; or, community building programming related to their emissary description.  These include recruitment events, fairs, networking events and activities.

Recruitment and Retention Emissaries will attend monthly meetings each semester with other emissaries. Meetings will be held with University Graduate School staff, and others interested in graduate retention. Photos and profiles of graduate student emissaries will be posted on the emissary blog site.

Required qualifications:  Applicants must be full-time graduate students in a masters or PhD program at IUB, be in good academic standing, and demonstrate involvement in program, departmental, university or community organizations. Preference will be given to graduate students who are involved in diversity-building activities and programming.

Training:  Emissaries are required to attend training sessions that include: spring introduction, fall training, and monthly meetings; and, participate in program activities throughout the academic year.  Member dedication is vital, as attendance and participation ultimately impact the effectiveness of this program.

The program will officially begin the week before classes begin in August 2014 and conclude May 2015.  Summer duties may be requested.

Required Application Materials by April 3, 2014

1.       An online data form

2.       Curriculum Vitae/Resume

3.       A one to two-page essay addressing past experience with similar initiatives, diversity-building efforts, cultural competency, community involvement or leadership skills and why you desire to be an Emissary for Graduate Student Diversity.  Email essay to

The application process concludes with an interview.  Applicants who advance in the selection process will be contacted for an interview.

Once selected, emissaries will sign a contract which certifies the understanding of program requirements and expectations.

Questions: If you have any questions regarding the Emissaries for Graduate Student Diversity Program, please contact Dr. Yolanda Treviño at or Rebecca Winkle at