Braden King – Informatics (PhD and Grad)

Braden King

School of Informatics and Computing



What’s up Hoosiers! My name is Braden King and I’m currently in the Human Computer Interaction Design master’s program. Previously, I studied Psychology and Human-Centered Computing here at IU. During my time here, I’ve worked as a research assistant at the Cognitive Development Lab, served on the Psychology Club Executive Board, became a Success in Service Leader through the Peace Corps, served as Sigma Pi’s Philanthropy Co-Chair, and volunteered at a non-profit in the slums of Chennai, India. As a GPSG representative, I’m excited to put in my time and effort towards making Indiana University a more sustainable campus for all of us. Together, we can make it happen! If you have any ideas or suggestions about how to do so, please feel free to contact me. Stay classy, IU.

-Braden King