Travel Awards

The GPSG Travel Award is offered through a competitive process for graduate and professional students at Indiana University Bloomington. A flat award of $500 is given to help support travel expenses to conferences at which the student’s work will be presented (i.e. speeches, posters or interactive design), or to help support travel to workshops, special training, competitions and auditions that will benefit the student professionally. Funds may be used for registration fees, presentation materials, transportation, and lodging/food associated with the conference, workshop, training, competition or audition.

IMPORTANT NOTE: GPSG Travel Awards are awarded as university fellowships; be aware of their total financial aid need and the amount of financial aid you have already received. If you have already reached your financial aid maximum for the current semester, you may be ineligible for this award. To check how much aid you have already received and if you are eligible for the Travel Award please view Question 9 on our FAQ page.

This award is not intended to fund research. Please see GPSG Research Awards for info on awards for research funding.

GPSG Travel Awards are merit-based awards. Non-travel related funding will not be considered when reviewing applications.

If you still have questions after reviewing the following information, please read the Travel Award FAQ.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Full-time enrollment in a graduate or professional degree program at Indiana University at the time of application
  2. Travel must occur within the specified time period to receive the Travel Award.
    • Fall awards: July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022, of the calendar year
    • Spring awards: January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022 of the calendar year
  3. Must NOT be a member of the GPSG Executive Committee, an employee of the GPSG, or an active member of the GPSG Awards Committee reviewing applications for this specific award.
  4. Applicants are limited to receive one GPSG Travel Award. If you have previously received a GPSG Travel Award, you are no longer eligible to apply for this award. You may only receive one GPSG Travel Award per academic program. Additionally, multiple awards may not be won for a single trip.

If you attended more than one conference, workshop, training, competition or audition please choose only one to be considered for this award. We recommend you choose the conference, workshop, training, competition or audition for which you believe you can build the strongest application (and submit only one application package).

If an IUB graduate or professional student is co-presenting with another IUB graduate student and all presenters wish to be considered for funding, each person needs to submit a separate application package. No group applications will be accepted.

How To Apply:

  • The GPSG Fall 2021 Travel Awards application is now open! The deadline is Friday, October 22 at 11:59 pm.
  • The Award is $500 for full-time graduate students. It supports travel expenses (including virtual expenses) to conferences where students will present or events that benefit students professionally.
  • Apply online here!

Review Process:

Winners are determined by an anonymous, competitive peer review. Applicants should note that their applications may not be read by an expert in their fields. Award applications should be written with a general academic audience in mind.  If you would like to serve on an Awards Committee, click HERE to apply.

All are welcome – we are excited to have students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds to ensure a fair process. This is a great professional development opportunity that allows you to support your academic community and gain insight into the grant selection process. Timing is flexible.

To read the review procedure and scoring system for applications, check out our Travel Award Review Packet.

Also, we have compiled samples of high scoring travel applications to help you in the process: Travel Award Sample Applications


Fall 2021 Travel Award application:

  • Application opens Sunday, August 15th at 5:00 pm
  • Application deadline is Friday, October 22nd at 11:59 pm
  • Winners are announced in late November.

Spring 2022 Travel Awards application:

  • Application opens Monday, November 29th
  • Application deadline is Friday, February 11th
  • Winners are announced in late March

Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted for any reason.

  1. Applications are checked for completeness and incomplete applications are removed from consideration.
  2. Personal identifying information is removed by GPSG Awards Committee Chair.
  3. Applications are anonymously scored by at least 2 and ideally 3 GPSG Awards Committee members.
    • Scores are on a 45-point scale.
    • Applications are scored on several factors including:
      • impact of the travel on the applicant and both its relevance to the applicant’s discipline and broader importance;
      • applicants role in the event or necessity of travel;
      • a well-justified budget;
      • the overall quality of the application;
    • Scores are standardized for each reviewer and used to rank the applications.
  4. GPSG forwards the top award candidates to the Graduate School to verify they are full-time IUB graduate students.
  5. GPSG notifies award winners.

Winner Documentation:

Winners of the GPSG Travel Awards will need to provide documentation of their travel to

  • Receipts for a plane ticket, hotel stay, gas fillups, or any travel-related expenses will suffice for our records.
  • We also will need a copy of your registration and the event(s) program/brochure to verify your attendance.
  • All of these documents should have your name and the receipt date clearly identified.

Previous Award Winners

Spring 2021

  • Sheran Deng
  • Kathryn Palano
  • Shouyue Zhang
  • Xintian Tu
  • Diego Felipe Barbosa Vasquez
  • Weverton Ataide Pinheiro
  • Minji Jeon
  • Amy Barthold
  • Tanner Phillips
  • Luma Melo
  • Vic Overdorf
    Jacob Koressel
  • Godfreyb Sskajja
  • Emily Davis
  • Andrea Carrillo
  • Joseph Canter
  • Elizabeth Morrison
  • Sina Kianersi
  • Craig Davis
  • Julie Le Hegarat
  • Eugene Kim
  • Olivia Gronenthal
  • Lekeah Durden
  • Jinqing Liu
  • Meize Guo
  • Der-Wei Huang
  • Jookhyun Kim
  • Geoffrey Larson
  • Chih Ju Lin
  • Shanalee Gallimore
  • Benjamin Storsved
  • Seung Woo Chae
  • Mayesha Awal

Fall 2020

  • Aron Frank
  • Christine Salzman
  • Sarah Lawson
  • Mohammad Khaledur Rahman
  • Mackenzie Coulter-Kem
  • Merve Basdogan
  • Rajagopal Sankaranaray
  • David Carr
  • Pavneet Bharaj
  • Cynthia Shin
  • Deana Williams
  • Blaine Garman-McClaine
  • Josie Wenig
  • Josephine Arcuri
  • Angiee Liliana Rocha Parra
  • Diana Arroyo Ensuncho
  • Jesse Fowler
  • Iryna Voloshyna
  • Jennifer Park

Spring 2020

  • Kortney Stern, English
  • Moonjung Choi, Optometry
  • Kathryn Combs, Printmaking
  • Weverton Ataide Pinheiro, Curriculum & Instruction – Mathematics
  • Molly Cain, Environmental Science
  • Shannon Conley, Public Affairs
  • Nai-Yi Hsu, Religious Studies
  • Esen Gökpınar-Shelton, Educational Leadership & Policy Study
  • Lyndsey Ferris, Optometry
  • Nelson Zounlome, Counseling & Educational Psychology
  • Savannah Pearlman, Philosophy
  • Yanyu Xiong, Psychological & Brian Science
  • Jose Luis Suarez Morales, Spanish & Portugues
  • Hoi Na (Stephen) Kung, English
  • Sharif Wahab, Geography
  • Elizaveta Agladze, Voice
  • Kaustav Chatterjee, Chemistry
  • Jeremy Cobum, Linguistics
  • Cristina Robu, French & Italian
  • Daniel Runnels, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Marcela de Oliveira e Silva Lemos, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Julio Zambrano, Public & Environmental Affairs
  • Philip Choong, English
  • Nandhini Giri, Media
  • Boram Lee, Applied Health Science
  • Derya Dogan, Near Eastern Languages & Culture and Education Leadership & Policy

Fall 2019

  • Ahmed Lachheb, Instructional Systems Technology & Human Computer Interaction
  • Brianna Bames, English
  • John Davis, Kinesiology
  • Rachel Gross, Counseling & Educational Psychology
  • Brianna Burgess, Counseling & Educational Psychology
  • Brandon Merritt, Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • Yena Park, Second Language Studies
  • Nino Lazariia, Public Affairs
  • Sarah Wolf, Biology
  • Yiwen Zheng, East Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Jui-Hsin Renee Hung, Literacy, Culture & Language Education
  • Hai Hu, Linguistics
  • Emily Bryant, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
  • Calvin Peck, Music Theory
  • Summer Shuford, Criminal Justice
  • Janan Alexandra, English
  • Enrique Rodriguez Sanchez, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Jingqi Yu, Psychological & Brian Sciences
  • Akua Asomani-Adem, Counseling & Educational Psychology
  • Chaoran Wang, Literacy, Culture, & Language Education
  • Morgan Stephenson, Photography
  • Jennifer Cullin, Anthropology
  • JiHae Koo, English Literature
  • Kristina King, Business Administration
  • Andrew Ireland, Law & Business Administration
  • Jennifer Cox, Curriculum & Instruction – Mathematics Education

Spring 2019

  • Timothy Stephenson, Piano
  • Wendy Spacek, English
  • Lienne Sethna, Environmental Science
  • Alexander Mirowski, Informatics
  • Samuel Miller, Biology
  • Charity Upson-Taboas, Anthropology
  • Franziska Kruger, Germanic Studies & Second Language Studies
  • Minchul Kim, The Media School
  • Roshan Kumar Pandian, Sociology
  • Maritza Steele, Sociology
  • Carly Bahler, French and Italian
  • Andrea Sterling, African American and African Diaspora Studies
  • Christine Wisch, Musicology
  • Bingqing Zhao, Chemistry
  • Didac Martinez Granado, Mathematics
  • Amanda Burtt, Anthropology
  • Meng Zhang, Religious Studies
  • Taylor Fontan, Maurer School of Law
  • Felipe Tovar-Henao, Composition
  • Yu Hu, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Melissa Lee, Curriculum and Instruction & Counseling and Educational Psychology
  • Dikshant Uprety, Folklore and Ethnomusicology
  • Yanan Feng, Counseling and Educational Psychology
  • Samantha Hedges, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Anna Keune, Counseling and Educational Psychology & Learning Sciences
  • Pallavi Rao, The Media School
  • Alberto Sveum, Creative Writing
  • Zhengyan Li, Public Affairs

Fall 2018

  • Tetiana (Tania) Bulakh, Anthropology
  • Morgane Flahault, Comparative Literature/American Studies
  • Timothy Model, Political Science
  • Roy Holler, Comparative Literature
  • Nicole Watkins, Counseling and Educational Psychology
  • Julia Riegel, History
  • Suisui Wang, Gender Studies
  • Youngjoo Seo, Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
  • Ryan O’Loughlin, History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
  • Szu-Yu (Cyn) Liu, Informatics
  • Vishakh Iyer, Neuroscience
  • Linxiao Chen, Chemistry
  • James (Jamie) Hook, Communication and Culture
  • Elena Popa, Anthropology
  • Shruthi Sriramkumar, Medical Sciences
  • Diana Sokolova, Media School
  • Heather Francis, Applied Health Science
  • Ha Nguyen, Finance
  • Shijing Zhang, Anthropology
  • Kayanat Paracha, Higher Education & Student Affairs
  • Kelly Bosworth, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
  • Abigail Loxton, Economics
  • Ellen Ryan Robinson, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Megan Connor, Media School
  • Kevin Patz, Finance
  • Lauren Savit, Gender Studies
  • Christina Cole, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Josh Edge, Mathematics

Spring 2018

  • Takuya Akada, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Merve Basdogan, Instructional Systems Technology
  • Trishnee Bhurosy, Applied Health Science
  • Yoon-Kyoung Chae, Language Education
  • Craig Davis, Music Composition
  • Noah Davis, English
  • Elizabeth Elmi, Musicology
  • Kyle Fassett, Higher Education & Student Affairs
  • Stefon Flego, Linguistics/Germanic Studies
  • Sarah Foss, History
  • Leah Frederick, Music Theory
  • Sharon Galloway
  • Ashley Hosbach, Information and Library Science
  • Matthew Johnson, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Eric Knee, Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Studies
  • Telesilla Kotsi, Operations and Decision Technologies
  • Kathryn Lehman, History
  • Vitor Martins Dias, Sociology
  • Daniel Nicholson, Sociology
  • Joseph Pecorelli, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Tola Rodrick, History and Religious Studies
  • Mishael Sedas, Counseling and Educational Psychology
  • Roziya Tursunova, Medicine
  • Suraj Uttamchandani, Learning Sciences
  • Carlotta Vacchelli, French and Italian
  • Tamara van der Does, Sociology
  • Eric Wright, Sociology
  • Furu Zhang, Optometry

Fall 2017

  • Keren Constantini, Kinesiology
  • Megan Covington, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Nofiya Denbaum, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Karna Desai, Astronomy
  • Azamat Dokturbekov, Central Eurasian Studies
  • Nathan Douglas, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Jiling Duan, Gender Studies
  • Maria Fernanda Escalante Vergara, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Kayla Freeman, Finance
  • Zheng Gao, Information and Library Science
  • Jessica George, English
  • Mia Gilliam, Criminal Justice
  • Kayla Gruenewald, Criminal Justice
  • Kelly Kasper-Cushman, French & Italian
  • Kathryn Kroeper, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Amanda Lanzillo, History
  • Junwen Liang, Piano
  • Ilana Linder, Education Policy
  • Yanjun Liu, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Sean McKinnon, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Pablo Moriano, Computer Science
  • Kristin Otto, Anthropology
  • MaryClaire Pappas, Art History
  • Danial Qaurooni, Cognitive Sciences
  • Jake Schild, Economics
  • Renata Uzzell, French & Italian
  • Robin Valenzuela, Anthropology
  • Polina Vlasenko, Anthropology

Spring 2017

  • Bita Zakeri, Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
  • Shekhar Misra, Marketing
  • Anne Mahady, Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies
  • Alex Chambers, Department of American Studies
  • Jason Stone, Political Science
  • Lanlan Mu, Higher Education
  • Marta Menezes, Piano
  • Kristin Kelley, Sociology
  • Jingjing Han, The Media School
  • Stephanie Campos, Biology
  • James Payne, Department of Art History
  • Shahin Kachwala, Department of Gender Studies
  • Jeremy Davis, Biology
  • ShinHyuck Kang, Economics
  • Jillian True, Biology
  • Pouyan Shahidi Marnani, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC)
  • Qi Li, Literacy
  • Matt Walker, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • Brad Celestin, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Christopher LaRosa, Composition Department
  • Samapriya Roy, Geography
  • Karen Stafford, Musicology
  • Jamie Root, French and Italian
  • Aaron Ellis, Anthropology

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

  • Vesna Dimitrieska, School of Education
  • Elizabeth Watts, Anthropology
  • Jiyihun Kim, Music Composition
  • Kaaar Million, Biology
  • Vigirinia Whealton, Musicology
  • Clare Longendyke, Music – Piano
  • Eveline Yang, Anthropology
  • Stephanie Campos, Biology
  • Aparna Soni, Business Economics and Public Policy
  • Denisa Jashari, History
  • Krista Rodkey, Philosophy
  • Bridget Sutherland, Communication and Culture
  • Wenlin Zhang, Optometry
  • Douglas Dowling Peach, Folklore and Ethnomusicology
  • Jingjing Han, The Media School
  • Kristyn Sylvia, Biology

Fall 2015

  • Matthew Hale, Communication and Culture/Folklore and Ethnomusicology
  • Christopher Eichstedt, History
  • Lei Wang, Counseling Psychology
  • Eric Schmidt, Political Science
  • Jon Lozano, Education Policy Studies
  • Seyed Amir Hossein Asghari, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • John Howard, Creative Writing
  • Victoria Miluch, English
  • Laura Bucci, Political Science
  • Natalie Rodriguez-Quintana, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Rion Correia, Informatics/Complex Systems
  • Hailing Zong, Biology
  • Brittany Collins, Education Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Rachel Seiler-Smith, English
  • Rachel Gunn, Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Rachel Troutman, Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • Bradford Demarest, Information and Library Science

Spring 2015

  • Whitney Sperrazza, English
  • Leslie Drane, Anthropology
  • Michele Sassano, Education Leadership and Policy Studies/
    Higher Education & Student Affairs
  • Serife Sevis, Curriculum & Instruction/Mathematics Education
  • Suva Roy, Physics
  • Landon Schnabel, Sociology
  • Carl Suddler, History
  • Jon Stauffer, Operations and Decision Technologies
  • Samantha Cohen, Psychological and Brain Sciences/
    Cognitive Science
  • Traci Nagle, Linguistics
  • Tamara Mitchell, Spanish and Portugese Literature/Comparative Literature
  • Alex Antony, Political Science/Statistics
  • Ricardo Higelin Ponce de Leon, Anthropology
  • David Keifer, Chemistry
  • John McGlothlin III, English
  • Barbara Andraka-Christou, Law
  • Katelyn Stauffer, Political Science
  • Jonathan Warner, History
  • Kristen Hengtgen, Education

Fall 2014

  • Tetiana Bulakh, Anthropology
  • Amanda Fisher, Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures
  • Kathleen de Onis, Communication and Culture
  • Steven Janowiecki, Astronomy
  • Nick Clarkson, Gender Studies
  • Ashlee Andrews, Religious Studies
  • Jaehan Park, Literacy, Culture. and Language Education
  • Sebastian (Zachary) Schulman, History & Russian and East European Studies
  • Jonathan Kennedy, Anthropology
  • Inci Aksu Kargin, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • Isaac Petersen, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Kelly Hanson, English
  • Blaire Hensley-Marschand, Geological Sciences & Anthropology
  • Shadia Siliman, Gender Studies, The Kinsey Institute
  • Eun Jin Paek, Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • Paul McCord, Geography
  • Rachel Miller, SPEA
  • Collin Bjork, English

Spring 2014

  • Arian Ashourvan, Neuroscience/Optometry
  • Alexis Barton, Psychological and Brain Sciences/Statistics
  • Wesley Beaulieu, Biology/Statistics
  • Owen Boberg, Astronomy
  • Meghan Buchanan, Anthropology
  • Rebecca Caldwell, Geological Sciences
  • Danielle Daidone, Second Language Studies/Spanish and Portuguese
  • Julie Eyink, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • David Massey, Geography
  • William McConnell, Sociology/Statistics
  • Margaret Messerschmidt, Environmental Science/Public Affairs
  • Lisa Miller, Sociology
  • Jaehan Park, Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
  • Dana Prewitt, Sociology
  • Tai Rogers, Ceramics
  • Kelly Roudabush, Early Music Institute
  • Landon Schnabel, Sociology
  • Oliver Shao, Ethnomusicology/Anthropology
  • Krista Wilhelmson, Music Performance (Voice)

Fall 2013

  • Luis Andrade Lotero, Education Counseling/Educational Psychology
  • Danielle Daidone, Second Language Studies
  • Ai-Chu Ding, Language Education
  • Leslie Drane, Anthropology
  • Janice Frisch, Folklore
  • Ross Israel, Linguistics
  • Michael Keruslov, Language Education
  • Tamara Kharroub, Telecommunications
  • Matthew Rowe, Anthropology
  • Lauren Rudolph, Psychology
  • Ren-Jay Shei, Kinesiology
  • Erin Sweany, English
  • Benjamin Taylor, Music Composition
  • Nurettin Ucar, Germanic Languages
  • Natasha Yurk, Sociology
  • Haipeng Zhang, Informatics/Computer Science

Fall 2012

  •  Daniel Bebon, Central Eurasian Studies
  • Lewis Bradford, Anthropology
  • Sarah Cadieux, Geological Sciences
  • Larissa Collier, Anthropology
  • Stephen Fafulas, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Mollee Farrell, Psychology
  • Suzanne Ingalsbe, Folklore
  • Kioko Ireri, Journalism
  • Cara Kinnally, American Studies
  • Shiri Noy, Sociology
  • Jeanette Samyn, English
  • Marco Schirripa, Music Percussion
  • Sofia Souto, Speech and Hearing
  • Virginia Whealton, Musicology
  • Katherine Wiley, Anthropology
  • Mengyi Yang, Music Piano/Piano Pedagogy

Spring 2012

  • Nicholas Best, History and Philosophy of Science
  • Lisa Borrero, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
  • Kathryn Boucher, Psychology
  • Quetzal Class, Psychology
  • Anne Fiala, Fine Arts
  • Candice Grant, Education
  • Steve Green, Psychology
  • Savannah Hall, English
  • Joo Hyung Kim, Political Science
  • Elizabeth Konwest, Anthropology
  • Yilmaz Koylu, Second Language Studies
  • Gloria Maleski, Geography
  • Michael Miragliotta, Music
  • David Riese, Geological Sciences
  • Tiffany Roman, Education
  • Laura Seger, History and Philosophy of Science
  • Benjamin Taylor, Music
  • Ashley Viager, Education