Faculty Mentor Award

About This Award

The GPSG encourages all graduate and professional students to give their support to faculty members that they feel deserve special recognition for exemplary behavior by nominating them for the GPSG Faculty Mentor Award.


  • Faculty must be current or have retired within the current academic year.
  • Student must be current or have graduated within the last year
  • The award encompasses tenured and non-tenured faculty, including lecturers and adjuncts. Faculty status is not factored into the committee’s decision.
  • This is an award from the Graduate Student body of the IU Bloomington campus: candidates nominated must be faculty of the IU Bloomington campus.
  • The winners will be determined by the Awards Committee.
  • Any student is free to nominate as many people as they would like. The quantity of letters received for a particular faculty member does not increase or decrease their chance of being selected.
  • Letters will be read only for the purpose of the GPSG Faculty Mentor Award and will not be disseminated for general access.
  • Letters should be no longer than 2500 characters.

Examples of nomination criteria

  • Fosters the long-term development of students.
  • Is active and vocal in administrative and professional matters, such as assistance with publishing and grant writing, conference presentations, post-doctoral opportunities and job placement.
  • Encourages students to develop individual talents and strengths by providing support and guidance in their research.
  • Helps students acquire the skills and resources necessary to succeed as professionals in their fields.
  • Sponsors students and their work both on and off campus, including supporting student attendance and participation at conferences.
  • Assists with alumni contacts, furnishes specific job information tailored to the student’s strengths/regional preferences.

Submitting a nomination

The deadline for nominations is February 25th, 2022 at 11:59pm.

Click here to nominate a faculty member for the 2021-2022 Faculty Mentor Award.

To submit a nomination you will need the following information:

  • The name and department of faculty member.
  • Information about your faculty mentor, including description of why they are deserving of this award.
  • A brief summary about yourself, including program of study, years in the program and any other information that may aid the selection committee in understanding the impact your mentor has had on your life and academic/ professional development.

Please direct questions about the Faculty Mentor Award to:
gpsgawds@indiana.edu, Subject: Faculty Mentor Award.

Past Faculty Mentor Award winners

2021: Dr. Y. Joel Wong

Counseling and Counseling Psychology

2020: Pravina Shukla, Ph.D.

Folklore and Ethnomusicology

2019: Raymond Smith

Literacy, Culture, and Language Education

2018: Gamze Ozogul, Ph.D.

Instructional Systems Technology, School of Education

2017: Robert E. Terrill, Ph.D.


2016: Kenneth P. Nephew 

Medical Sciences Program

2015: Daniel Knudsen

2014: Alan Dennis
Kelley School of Business

2013: Rowland Ricketts
Hope School of Fine Arts

2012: Leslie Lenkowsky
School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA)

2011: Jason Baird Jackson
Folklore and Ethnomusicology

2010: James A. Pershing

2009: Andrea Walton

2008: Colin Allen
History and Philosophy of Science

2007: Michael Reece
Applied Health Science

2006: Randall Bramley
Computer Science

2005: Pheadra Pezzullo
Communication and Culture

2004: Laura Stachowski
School of Education

2003: Susan D. Gubar

2002: William Yarber
Applied Health Science

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