Awards FAQ

GPSG Awards: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much are the Travel and Research awards for?

  • Travel Awards are $500
  • Research Awards are $1000

2. When are the Travel and Research Awards provided?

  • Travel Awards are given in the Fall and Spring semesters
  • Research Awards are ONLY given in the Spring semester

3. Do I need to be considered a full-time student to receive an award?

  • Yes. A student must be enrolled full-time in a graduate or professional degree at Indiana University at the time of the application.
  • If unsure about student status, applicants are encouraged to verify with the their respective departments/registrar’s office with regards to their status as the funds being dispersed are contingent on the applicant being considered full-time.

4. Can I apply for more than one award at a time?

  • Applicants can apply for one Travel award per semester and one Research Award in the spring.

5. If I receive the Travel Award, do I need to provide documentation of my travel?

  • Yes. Receipts for a plane ticket, hotel stay, gas fillups, or any travel related expenses will suffice for our records. We also will need a copy of your registration and the conference program/brochure to verify your attendance. All of these should have your name and the date clearly documented.

6. I missed the deadline for the Travel or Research Awards, can I email someone to ask about extra/surplus funds?

  • Due to limited funds, once award deadlines have passed the GPSG will not have any additional funds for which applicants can apply for.
  • Applicants who miss the deadline are encouraged to seek alternative funding sources through the University Graduate School (UGS) or the Graduate Mentoring Center.

7. What sort of awards are the Travel and Research Award considered and how are they dispersed?

  • The Travel and Research awards are considered a form of fellowship through Indiana University.
  • The funds are approved by the University Graduate School (UGS) who works alongside the Bursar’s office to disperse the funds to the recipients.

8. I have a fellowship or am currently applying for alternative funding sources, can I still apply for a Travel and Research Award?

  • Other fellowships and awards have no bearing on your eligibility to receive a GPSG award.
  • However, if you have gone over your limit for financial aid from the university you will not be able to receive the award.

9. How do I check to see how much remaining Financial Aid I am eligible for?

  1. Log into to
  2. Use the ‘View/Manage My Financial Aid Information’ application
  3. Select the current term year (2020)
  4. Click the ‘Financial Aid Need Summary’ link.

Once you click the ‘Financial Aid Need Summary’ link, you should see a summary of your finances as they pertain to IU. There should be a section of the summary that says ‘Remaining Need’ for the current academic year. That amount is the amount of financial aid that you are currently eligible to receive for the rest of the academic term. If you’re eligible to receive more than $500 (for Travel Award or $1000 (for Research Award) of additional financial aid, then you should have no problems with the GPSG Travel and Research Awards.

10. How should I format my application for the travel award?

  • Applicants are encouraged to download the sample applications from previous winners of the award. The samples can be found here (DOCX).

11. If after reading each award page in its entirety and the Awards FAQ,  my question(s) have not yet been answered, who can I contact?