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Members of the Awards Committee are responsible for reading and reviewing applications for the GPSG Travel Awards and Research Awards. The Travel Award is given in both the Fall and Spring semesters, and the Research Award is given in the Spring semester of each year.

The typical time commitment is between 2-6 hours per award. This depends on the number of applications received and the number of reviewers available.

Benefits of serving on the Award Committee include:

  • The ability to contribute to deciding how funding and awards are distributed among IU’s graduate students.
  • Gain valuable insight to the grant writing and application process.
  • Develop a stronger understanding of what constitutes a strong application for funding, which can lead to improvement in one’s own grant-writing and communication skills.
  • A flexible schedule with a limited time commitment that also allows the individual to have a big impact in their community.

Committee Eligibility:

  • Must be a graduate or professional student at Indiana University – Bloomington during the semester you serve on the committee
  • You cannot apply for an award that you are reviewing applications for.
    • If you review the Fall Travel Award you would be eligible to apply to the Spring Travel Award as long as you are not reviewing Spring Travel Award applications.
    • In the Spring, you may review applications for one of the awards and apply for the other.

Committee members can indicate which awards and which semesters they would like to review in their application. Please note that this committee is only active during award application cycles, and the Awards Committee does not meet on a regular basis during the academic year.

  • In the Fall semester, committee members will review Travel Award applications, roughly around late October and early November.
  • In the Spring semester, committee members may choose whether they want to review Travel Awards, Research Awards, or both (roughly around late February and March).

The Awards Committee will be electronically sent the applications they are to review/score. The Awards Chair will dictate when they need these applications reviewed/scored by, but the typical time frame is to have applications reviewed/scored within 2 weeks of receiving them.

  • Each application takes ~5-10 minutes to read, depending on one’s reading and decision-making speed, and the typical number of applications to read per award, per semester, is ~20-25.

While the Awards Committee does not regularly meet to discuss policy regarding the awards, input from the Committee members is always appreciated. Issues seen in the applications themselves can all be integrated by the Awards Officer to help streamline and improve the application process, hopefully leading to a more clear understanding of what kinds of applicants the GPSG hopes to fund and how the applicants can best tailor their applications to meet those criteria. Input may include, but is not limited to:

  •  The criteria the awards are graded on
  • Common issues regarding the awards application process

Please note: The application to serve on the awards committee is not an entry into a competitive selection process; all IUB graduate and professional students are welcome to join the committee and review award applications.

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Current Awards Committee

GPSG Awards Officer: Katie Shy