Awards & Funding

GPSG recognizes excellence in graduate and professional student accomplishments.

Each academic year, the GPSG Awards Committee awards over $35,000 in grants to students within a variety of disciplines. GPSG is unique in the sense that graduate students award their peers’ financial awards – graduate students themselves are the voice in choosing which research, travel, and faculty mentor will be chosen for funding each academic year.

GPSG Awards Committee

This committee is made of up graduate and professional students who are responsible for reviewing applications for all GPSG Awards.

Travel Awards

The GPSG Travel Award is offered through a competitive process for graduate and professional students at Indiana University Bloomington. A flat award of $500 is given to help support travel expenses to conferences at which the student’s work will be presented (i.e. speeches, posters or interactive design), or to help support travel to workshops, special training, competitions and auditions that will benefit the student professionally.

There are two application cycles of travel awards each year: one each fall and one each spring.

Research Awards

The GPSG Research Award is offered through a competitive process for graduate and professional students at Indiana University-Bloomington. A flat award of $1,000 is given to help support research expenses incurred in connection with academic research, such as travel costs related to field, archival or laboratory research, payment for research-related services, and purchase of research related supplies.

There is a single application cycle for research awards each spring.

Faculty Mentor Award

The GPSG encourages all graduate and professional students to give their support to faculty members that they feel deserve special recognition for exemplary behavior by nominating them for the GPSG Faculty Mentor Award.

There is a single application cycle for faculty mentor awards each spring.

Dr. Yolanda Treviño Service Award

The Dr. Yolanda Treviño Service Award recognizes an individual by nomination who has performed outstanding service to improve the graduate student experience and community at IU-Bloomington by volunteering their time and service. The core value of this award is of “service above self” in which an individual goes beyond themselves to serve others.

This Award was established in honor of former GPSG Ombudsperson, Yolanda Treviño. Dean Treviño provided years of invaluable service to the GPSG and currently serves as the Assistant Vice President of Strategy, Planning and Assessment in The Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs. The awarded will receive $1000.

There is a single application cycle for the Yolanda Treviño Service Award each spring.

GPSG Awards FAQs