The IUB GPSG (Graduate and Professional Student Government) serves over 8000 graduate and professional students at IU-Bloomington by providing advocacy, academic support, community building, and access to resources.


The GPSG Assembly consists of approximately 100 graduate and professional student representatives that are the voices of graduate students from across all of IU’s Departments and Schools.  Within this Assembly, there are 4 GPSG Advocacy Committees: Sustainability, Health & Wellness, Benefits, and Diversity. These committees are chaired by members of the GPSG Executive Committee and meet bimonthly, once at GPSG Assembly and once at a secondary time. The GPSG Vice President also coordinates graduate student representation for over 30 other campus committees, including many Bloomington Faculty Committees. This ensures that the graduate student voice is represented among IU Faculty and Staff, opening the door for greater collaboration. Ultimately, GPSG’s goal with advocacy is two-fold: 1. Ensure a strong graduate student voice is heard on relevant issues throughout campus and the community; 2. Advocate changes within IU policy to better support the lives of graduate and professional students personally, academically, and professionally.

Academic Support

Being a graduate or professional student can be difficult. As part of the University Graduate School, GPSG strives, through the various programs and services, to provide opportunities for graduate and professional students to manage their professional and personal lives effectively and efficiently during their time in Bloomington. GPSG frequently collaborates with offices like the Graduate Mentoring Center, Grad Grants Center, Scholars’ Commons, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Social Science Research Center, and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to highlight workshops and seminars on behalf of graduate and professional students.

Community Building

The GPSG organizes and sponsors many social, academic, and professional events to foster greater community and collaboration between graduate and professional students of diverse programs and backgrounds at IU through recurring GPSG monthly events. GPSG also believes in connecting graduate and professional students to the local culture and traditions of Bloomington and strives to create and maintain productive communication channels with other major constituents of Indiana University.


Recognizing the need for sharing information in the graduate student community, the GPSG wants to provide a centralized access hub to direct graduate and professional student to relevant campus and community resources like Childcare & Family, Finances, Housing, Teaching, Research, Technology, Professional Development, Health Services, and more.