Assembly Representatives

Who’s my Rep? (Current as of October 1, 2020)



(Updated September 5, 2020)
The GPSG Assembly represents the entire Indiana University Bloomington graduate and professional student population. The number of voting seats given to each department or program (electorate) is determined by the level of enrollment during a bi-annual audit.


2-4.1. For the purposes of this Constitution, “electorate” will be defined as the students of a degree program, department, or school at Indiana University – Bloomington.

2-4.2. The electorates for each academic school year shall be delineated by the Assembly Audit in the preceding spring.


Each electorate is responsible for conducting an annual election for their Representative(s) at the beginning of the academic school year, no later than September 30.

7-2.1. Nomination Each prospective Representative may either self-nominate or be nominated by a member of their electorate.

7-2.2. Election

7-2.2.1. After receiving nominations each electorate must hold an election to select their Representative(s). Each member of the electorate must be given an opportunity to vote for their prospective Representatives.

7-2.2.2. If the number of prospective Representatives is less than or equal to the number of seats allotted for the electorate, then those individuals may be chosen through unanimous consent.

7-2.2.3. After Representatives are chosen from each electorate, administration affiliated with the corresponding electorate is to communicate the chosen Representatives to GSGP no later than October 1.

If your department does not currently have representation and you are interested in learning how to fill an empty seat, email