The GPSG Executive Committee (ExComm) is made up entirely of graduate and professional students. It consists of:

  • Three elected officers– President, Vice President, Treasurer
  • Two hired staff members (SAA appointments) – Communications Coordinator, Community Development Coordinator
  • Five appointed officers – Diversity Officer, Awards Officer, Benefits Officer, Sustainability Officer, Health & Wellness Officer

2021-2022 Executive Committee:

President: Valentina Luketa – Anthropology | Maurer School of Law

Email: potgpsg@indiana.edu

The President acts as the official liaison between IU’s administration, student body, student organizations, and the GPSG. The President also oversees the functioning of the GPSG and serves on the GPSG Executive Committee.

Vice President: Gavin Mariano – Higher Education and Student Affairs

Email: vpotgpsg@indiana.edu

The Vice President represents the GPSG to the university at large and fulfills the duties of the President when they are temporarily unable to perform them and to ensure the Constitution and Bylaws are followed. It is also the Vice President’s duty to conduct the annual Assembly Audit.

Treasurer: Dan Myers – Geography

Email: gpsgtr@indiana.edu

The Treasurer maintains the GPSG’s financial records, prepares the annual budget for review by the Assembly, provides financial updates to the Assembly, requests disbursement of funds as required, works with the Awards Officer to ensure the timely execution of the Awards process, and performs other duties requested by the Executive Committee.

Communications Coordinator: Chelsey Belt – Musicology

Email: iugpsg@indiana.edu

The Communications Coordinator facilitates committees, representatives, and student communication. The Communications Coordinator also resolves student concerns, prepares the assembly agenda, and ensures all are properly informed and organized.

Community Development Coordinator: Swasti Singh – Education

Email: iugpsg@indiana.edu

The Community Development Coordinator is responsible for community building. The Community Development Coordinator plans the parties, activities, and events that matter to graduate and professional students

Awards Officer: Katie Shy – English

Email: gpsgawds@indiana.edu

The Awards Officer oversees the awarding GPSG Travel and Research Grants. This involves working with GPSG accounts manager, the GPSG Excomm, and the Awards Committee.

Benefits Officer: Chelsea Brinda – Education

The Benefits Officer leads GPSG’s efforts related to promoting and advocating for benefits and services offered to graduate and professional students and Student Academic Appointees. This Officer serves as the chair of the GPSG Benefits Committee, which focuses on issues related to student services, health insurance, stipends, fee remission, and related employment.

Email: gpsgben@indiana.edu

Diversity Officer: Zayra Lopez Ixta – Applied Health Science

Email: gpsgdiv@indiana.edu

The Diversity Officer acts as a medium of communication between IUSA, BGSA, LGSA, ISA, other graduate student organizations, and GPSG. The Diversity Officer also serves as a member of the External Relations Committee.

Health & Wellness Officer: Sage Boyd – English

Email: gpsgwell@indiana.edu

The Health and Wellness Officer is responsible for recruiting members for the Health & Wellness committee along with representing GPSG on committees relevant to issues on health and wellness. Additionally, the Health & Wellness Officer maintains communications with the IU Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Culture of Care, all the while updating the Assembly on initiatives related to health and wellness when requested.

Sustainability Officer: Kaitlin Doucette – Biology

Email: gpsgsust@indiana.edu

The Sustainability Officer addresses issues related to sustainability within the GPSG and campus communities. Examples of issues addressed are recycling, transportation, carbon emissions, and sustainable growth.