Kathy Lee – Fall 2016


I am extremely grateful and honored to have received the Travel Award from IU’s Graduate and Professional Students Government (GPSG) for Fall 2016. The grant not only made it possible for me to deepen and broaden my musical understanding of diverse musical styles but even more importantly, the discussion in everyday’s master-class with Mr. Levin and my fellow classmates stimulated my innermost desire to become a well-rounded, selfless and humble musician–rather than simply an impressive virtuosic pianist. The four-day workshop highlighted by the final concert, in which I was featured in Lucerne’s Lukaskirche, was, for me, a sacred musical pilgrimage that gratifyingly opened my heart to express and share keenly, my ear to listen carefully and my mind to think mindfully. Yet, nothing would have meant so dearly to me without the keen local music supporters with whom I graciously acquainted and kept in contact. For all that I had the privilege to experience and grow during the week in Lucerne–thanks to IU’s GPSG Travel Award, I have now grasped the key principles that I can apply across time periods in classical music to my ongoing musical career, both as an independently devoted musician and pedagogue. To learn and to discover from the music myself along with a confident and open heart is, I am certain, my next step to reaching a high artistic and expressive level marked by unmistakable individuality under my fingertips.

-Kathy Lee