2016-2017 Assistantship Available with MoneySmarts

IU MoneySmarts is a University system-wide program (extending to all 9 IU campuses) and is a product of the IU Office of Financial Literacy within the department of the Vice President and University Chief Financial Officer. MoneySmarts provides multiple opportunities for students to gain and enhance their personal finance skills and navigate the world of money management during and after college. One of the most effective ways we provide education unique to the needs of IU college students on all campuses is through peer financial education. The MoneySmarts Team Assistant Director works collaboratively with the Team Director of Peer Financial Education and Office of Financial Literacy to supervise and train undergraduate Team members, and coordinate the program and Team’s schedules on the IU Bloomington campus.

We are looking for strong applicants interested in a full-time, 20-hour/week assistantship. This position includes:
· An additional summer stipend
· 24 credit hours of tuition benefits
· Supervisory and training experience of undergraduate student staff
· The opportunity to participate in a program that connects the entire IU campus system

The application deadline for this position is this Friday, January 29 at 11:59PM. To learn more about IU MoneySmarts, visit www.moneysmarts.iu.edu. To find the posting online and submit application materials, students can visit https://iucd-csm.symplicity.com/ and either search for MoneySmarts or position # 16942.

[Note: The application calls for resume, cover letter, and an additional document – only the resume and cover letter are required, as long as they satisfy standards indicated in the position description]


More information here.