2013 GPSO Research Award Winners

The IU Graduate and Professional Student Organization (GPSO) proudly congratulates the following students as winners of the 2013 Research Award:

  • Nichole Bauer, Political Science: When Gender Matters on the Campaign Trail:  Stereotype Activation and Support for Female Candidates
  • Chris Clements, History: At the Edge of Sovereignty: Building a Mohawk Nation in the U.S.-Canada Borderlands
  • Lindsay Ems, Telecommunications: What’s in a boundary? Exploring the subcultural dynamics that protect the Amish way of life in a high-tech world
  • Robin Green, Geological Sciences: Ostracodes as proxies for Pleistocene climate history at early hominid site, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
  • Steven Green, Psychology: Reliably Eliciting Frustration
  • Amy Harris, Bioanthropology: Women’s Experiences with Oral Contraceptives: Hormonal variation, expectations, and side effects
  • Cynthia Rogers, Medieval Literature: “Make thereof a game”: The Lyrics of the Findern Manuscript (CUL Ff.I.6)  and their Late Medieval Textual Community
  • Lauren Rudolph, Neural Science: Mechanisms of estrogen-dependent SNB dendrogenesis
  • Eric Shattuck, Biological Anthropology: Behavioral Correlates of Vaccination in Travelers
  • Kimberly Whitler, Marketing: Causes and Consequences: The Organization of Marketing